Make the day of loved ones far away

The wonderful island nation of New Zealand is far enough from the rest of the world to enjoy its tranquillity. Except when it comes to selecting gifts for loved ones when you’re overseas. Believe us when we say we’ve seen it before. Anxiety sets in, stress takes over, decision making becomes impossible, and the end result is usually yet another bottle of wine being sent across the ocean.

Let Oh Goodie! take over your gift ideas (your family will be forever grateful.) Our gift hampers have been meticulously selected by us, wrapped beautifully (and safely) by us, plus we’ll include a card, and make sure it gets to the recipient on time!

We’ll make sure your gift gets to its destination on time even if you’re running against the clock. Our gifts cater to all tastes and all budgets.

Oh Goodie! has many elated international customers from the UK, USA, Europe and Australia, who have found the perfect gift solution for their Kiwi friends and family. It’s so good and so easy!

Now all that’s left is to tempt your gift giving palette with this week’s favourites.

Wine is fine, but it’s even better when accompanied with delicious morsels, especially when it’s cheese, crackers and nuts!

This gift basket practically sails itself into shore, with its Tawny Port and fine accompaniments.

A veritable feast for the senses, this flavourful delight is just right.