Best gifts for Mum on Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day is always a wonderful chance to show your appreciation and treat the Mum’s in your life! It can be a great opportunity to really treat mothers, make sure they know their hard work doesn’t go unnoticed, and give them something to enjoy while they kick back and relax. 

However, sometimes finding the best mother’s day gift for the Mum in your life can be quite difficult… Lucky for you, we’ve put together some of our top Mother’s Day gifts that are sure to please mum! 

Something Sweet.. 

For Mum’s with a sweet tooth, a classic Mother’s Day gift and one that’s sure to be appreciated is something sweet! Think chocolate and cookies and caramels.. oh my! 

For a personalised touch, it’s often possible to make these things yourself. You can try baking her favourite batch of cookies, or for those ambitious in the kitchen, you can try whipping up some homemade cake, chocolates, or other sweets! 

Keep in mind what her favourite flavours and treats are and you simply can’t go wrong. Better yet, you can give her a gift box with chocolates and plenty of other complementary goodies to pair perfectly with the chocolate!


Treat her to a spa day 

Another great way to show a mum appreciation on Mother’s Day is to throw her a spa day! A spa day can be a perfect Mother’s Day gift, giving Mum a chance to relax and treat herself. However, with our current lockdown you could also take the spa closer to home and create your own, DIY in-home spa day! Grab some lovely scented candles, some bubble bath, face masks, and other beauty treatments and you’re already halfway there! Need more help? You can even get inspired and get her a gift box with some spa day essentials and even more goodies! 

Mother’s Day Essential Box

If you are still stumped and can’t decide what is the best Mother’s Day gift to give, be sure to check out the Mother’s Day box from Oh Goodie! This perfect Mother’s Day assortment is sure to please any mom on the receiving end. 

Last but not least, another great gift for Mum can be the gift of a break from childcare duties. Luckily, this can be easily coordinated using Babysits, where you can find babysitters all across New Zealand. This way, mom can have the free time to enjoy the other mother’s day gifts or just have a moment for herself to relax!

Written in collaboration with Babysits, New Zealand’s childcare and babysitting community!