How much should you spend on a gift hamper?

You want to buy someone a gift but deciding how much it's appropriate to spend can be complicated and stressful. Many people find it particularly confusing, knowing how much to spend on different celebratory occasions.

You don't want to offend your friends with a wedding gift they think is cheap or send the wrong message by being overly generous with a corporate gift to a client. And you certainly don't want to get the gift giving wrong on Valentines Day!

There's no right amount to spend on a gift but a good way to think about it is to spend what you feel you can reasonably afford. There are many wonderful reasons to give gifts to friends, family, and other loved ones and fortunately, gift hampers make it fun and easy.

Gift hampers give you the flexibility you need within a framework so the hard work of narrowing down all the gift options that are most appropriate for particular special occasions is all done for you. Whether it's Mothers Day or Christmas, work out a ballpark figure you might want to spend, then browse the collection of gift hampers offered for that occasion, in your price range.

You can decide if you want to put together a gift hamper that contains one major gift and a number of smaller gifts, or more than one major gift. If you’re wanting to give a gift hamper for Fathers Day or a house warming gift, you may choose a gift basket with one bottle of fine wine and a few small treats. Or, for a similar priced gift you might prefer a bigger hamper brimming with lots of sweet and savoury goodies.

At the end of the day, with an online gift hamper service like Oh Goodie, the sky’s the limit.