Gift Boxes make Christmas gift shopping a breeze

Every family has them! Lovely though they may be, we often have that one uncle, sister, grandmother or cousin who is so hard to find a Christmas gift for! Not to mention the drama involved in finding the perfect gift for your partner or best friend when the gifting stakes are high... get it wrong and there could be long lasting consequences.

Or maybe you have loved ones far away in New Zealand, and you want to send a beautiful Christmas Gift to them in time to spoil them on the 25th. If you need to send a gift within NZ from overseas, a Gift Box from Oh Goodie will remove the drama and cost of international post.

The struggle is real... and we're here (with loads of deluxe Xmas Gift Boxes) to help!

The Stylish Sister with High Standards

This sassy babe isn't going to be impressed with a new cap or a movie voucher - it better be the Style Files or you can forget getting anything next year! Why not indulge her with a Home and Body Gift Set or this lovely Pamper Pack Gift Box?


The Aunty who has everything

We bet she doesn't have a Christmas Cookie Gift Basket, or the Soho 'Pink' Wine Box. What about a Serenity Gift Box with beautiful fragrances and natural goodness for the home?

The boss or mentor

Time to impress the head honcho with business style, impeccable class, and a sense of how totally irreplaceable you are! You can go out with the Executive Chilly Gift Basket or send this classic Wine Gift Pack for them to enjoy on Xmas Day.

Your favourite Nana

Not that we endorse having 'a favourite' Nana, but if you do, this is a xmas gift you want to get right! Nana might love to bake (try The Baker's Gift Basket) or to have a house full of family playing games. If in doubt, we think this Tea Lover's Gift Box is a sure-fire winner. 

The cousin who parties

You could rock up with this cheeky little gift - The Tequila Celebration Gift Box with two shots, lemon and salt all ready to go - or if you'd like to show a little more restraint how about an Organic Health Gift Box, or a classic Prosecco Gift? 

Your darling dad or cool uncle

Guys often get missed in Christmas shopping, but they deserve some delicious treats at Xmas time! The Ultimate BBQ Gift Pack is sure to be a winner although The Great Kiwi Beer Box may make it hard to choose. You can always give the best of both worlds with the Santa Sack for Guys!

Send Christmas Gift Boxes with Oh Goodie

We hope we've inspired you with elegant Gift Boxes ready to send New Zealand wide... if you still have 'hard-to-buy-for' or 'guy-who-has-everything' people on your Christmas Gift list, look through the Oh Goodie Xmas Gift Box collection for more ideas. And if you are overseas, relax! We will handle presentation and delivery from the moment you click to buy online through to delivery to the door NZ wide. Shop now, and set your delivery date at checkout for each Gift Basket!