Getting Christmas Gift Ready

Getting Christmas Gift Ready
I know the feeling.  That in between stage of moving away from Winter but its not quite Summer.  Halloween is still happening, school and life is still as hectic as always.  And then you start seeing shops put out a couple of Christmas Chocolates or Christmas Decorations, you start receiving emails reminding you to get started with your Christmas Gift planning and in all this you are thinking but “why are they talking about Christmas, it is so far away?!”
Well, I have been there and thought that myself.  But the truth is that Christmas, it is not that far away and time has a way of creeping up on you while you aren’t looking. 
So then, when is a good time to start planning for your Christmas Gift shopping?  I wish I could give you the magic answer but, in all honesty, there really isn’t one.
There are a couple of things to consider though. 
Limited Supply
Sometimes certain Christmas Gift Box options are in limited supply.  So, if you love it then grab it.  Don’t wait.
Bulk Christmas or End-of-Year Shopping
Are you looking to purchase Corporate Christmas Gifts or End-of-Year Gifts for colleagues, clients, suppliers or similar?  Then you need to plan in advance.  We usually recommend to get in touch by early September so that we can customise the gifts to your branding and requirements.  This takes time and resources.  If you haven’t started planning, I recommend do it now!
Customising a Gift
Do you like a Christmas Gift Box but would like to add or swap out an item.  You need to plan ahead.  The closer we get to Christmas the less likely it will be that customising will be possible as it is just too busy.
It’s a Busy Time
Summer.  Bring on the BBQ’s, bring on the beach, crazy work and school schedules and so much on the go.  Before you know it, Christmas is a week away and you scramble to get your Christmas Gifts (well at least that has been me a few times).  So getting your Christmas Gifts early means you get to relax, enjoy the Summer vibes and not worry that you haven’t allowed enough time for your gifts to arrive on time to be under the Christmas Tree on Christmas Day.
 So, there really isn’t a magic time to purchase your Christmas Gift Hampers.  But perhaps this has helped get you thinking about when to start with your Christmas Gift planning.
Happy Holidays and a very Festive Season to you!