Christmas is Nearing

Christmas is Nearing
The smell of BBQ’s on the weekend while the sounds of kids playing in the distance is a great tell tale sign that Christmas is on its way!
While enjoying the festivities of the summer Christmas season it is so easy to lose track of time and quickly find yourself doing last minute Christmas Gift Box shopping. 
So to help you with your planning here are some good timelines to be aware of and ensure your Christmas Gift Boxes arrive in time to be under the Christmas tree, orders need to be placed before these cut off dates:
Christmas Gift Boxes Delivery North Island
Standard Delivery – 20th December
Rural Delivery – 19th December
Christmas Gift Boxes Delivery South Island
Standard – 19th December
Rural – 15th December
Express – 20th December
After these cut off times, gifts will still be sent out to try get as many Christmas Gift Boxes as possible under the Christmas tree.  But the couriers have warned of high demand and delays.  So we recommend to get your Christmas Gift Shopping done sooner rather than later.
And lastly,
Merry Christmas from all of us at Oh Goodie.