Too Much Choice! How to Choose The Perfect Gift

Do you ever feel like you’ve made a thousand decisions already and can’t face yet another choice? It’s probably because everyday life is full of options; from the minor ‘what will I wear today?’ or ‘savoury or sweet?’ all the way through to major life changing events like, ‘is now the right time to move house?’ or ‘would changing careers make me happier?’.
Thankfully, choosing the perfect gift box doesn’t have to be one of those things that fall into the “too hard basket” and by simply being here, you’ve done almost everything you need to do.
While some people really enjoy customizing their gift boxes, others prefer to leave it to us and we’re happy to work with both types of online gift givers. All we need to know is the occasion, budget and perhaps a little bit about the person you’re treating, then we can take care of the rest.
We had a customer recently who was unable to be with her dad for his big 60th Birthday (another family separated by Covid….) and simply wanted to make his gift a special one. Combining two Whiskey Gifts with a few other tweaks.  It was such a privilege for us to be asked to step in and create not only a customized gift but also a memory to reflect how much he means to her!
"Just viewed the video of my dad opening his gift and he was in tears ! I can’t thank you enough....from my whole family we appreciate and are thankful for your service!" 
No matter what your needs or wants are, whether you know what those are or not, we’re here to help you give a beautiful and thoughtful gift box to those who matter most.
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