Think Outside the Basket this Christmas

We all look forward to a healthy dose of pampering over the Christmas season. As the year winds down, there’s nothing better than an indulgent day spent with our families, enjoying the Christmas ham, plenty of chocolate and a perhaps a few glasses of bubbly.

A gorgeous basket is a lovely gift, but it's important to 'think outside the basket' and consider alternative festive gift hamper options.

Whether you’re after something traditional or modern, Oh Goodie has endless options for that perfect Christmas hamper for the people that matter most to you in life.

Food & Wine Hampers! Handmade chocolates! Whisky Boxes!

It's no wonder the gift of treats delivered to the door at a stressful time of year is an increasingly popular one - with those giving and receiving!

With shopping malls and supermarkets descending deeper each year into pre-Christmas chaos, the Christmas Gift Basket concept just keeps getting better. It's so easy to avoid the congested streets and grumpy shoppers by choosing a gift basket or hamper online from the comfort of home.

While it's easy to see the savings in time and stress, how do gift baskets rate when it comes to putting a dent in the wallet?

Those with the time and energy to put together their own hampers may be able to cut costs by scouting around for each special treat and searching for a cheap basket or gift box to put them in.

However, it's worth remembering that it's not just the individual contents that make up a Christmas hamper. The basket, cellophane, ribbons, wrapping and safe packaging - not to mention the time taken to track down all the best produce and arranging them carefully together - all add to the overall cost.

Weighing it all up, on balance it would be difficult to produce a homemade hamper for much less than a last-minute lifesaver from Oh Goodie. In fact, given the reputation of a place like Oh Goodie for high quality, you'll get a surprisingly good deal.

Their range of Christmas gift hampers are a triumph of festivity and include the makings of a fine Christmas celebration with treats including Christmas fruit mince pies, christmas cake, chocolates and Champagne. 

Are you planning Christmas gifts for the people in your life?

Working out your Christmas gift strategy can be stressful whether you've got 12 nieces to buy for or you're a Secret Santa for one. Gift baskets are a great solution. 

Oh Goodie are experts in gifts so we’re bringing you a list of our top Christmas gift ideas and we're confident you can find something for everyone on your list.

For those in need of a last-minute gift, Oh Goodie offers a selection of pre-packed gift hampers and baskets containing a wide range of treats.