Mum's The Word

Mum’s The Word

As a mum it’s one of our top priorities that we raise happy (healthy) kids. Part of being happy is knowing that you’re not alone and have people who cherish you for who you are. Most of us are lucky enough to know the gift of an unconditional love that comes from our families, however as we grow and mature we also come to search for that connection from friendships.

It can feel that you have to start all over again with friendships when you become a parent, so this is our advice; find the mums who have similar values and don’t judge you for getting things wrong every once in a while. Hang out with the families who have kids that appreciate that everyone has their own character, and that just makes things more interesting. Support the whanau who put their hand up when times are tough, and return the favour when you’re in that same spot.

This Mother’s Day we want to acknowledge and thank the people who played the mum role in our lives, and also those friends & family who help us be better parents to our children.  Those who embrace and love our children as if they were their own.

To celebrate the gift of motherhood.  We offer a range of beautifully curated gifts to show your Mum all she means to you!

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