Create a Bespoke Gift

One of the key messages that’s been given to us on repeat over the past ten months is ‘be kind’ and while this is a sentiment we wholeheartedly support, we’d also like to add another one into the mix; 'be grateful'.

For us at Oh Goodiepersonally, there are many things we can be grateful for; our family and friends, our health, living in New Zealand and having a business that is still here to serve. We refuse to be doom and gloom, when there is still so much good in the world that we can acknowledge and appreciate (we are Oh Goodie! after all) and there’s no better time to spread positivity than right now.

Now is the time to start thinking of how you can acknowledge those who have helped you be in the position you are. Now is the time to show how much you appreciate the support you’ve been given to just keep on keeping on.

Maybe there’s a client who stuck by you, a staff member who went above and beyond for you, a colleague who was keeping you sane amidst the chaos and madness, a friend who reached out in small but significant ways, or a family member who made sure you were safe in your bubble both physically and mentally. 

There have been countless opportunities for the people in our lives to shine this year and they deserve to shine even brighter with our gratitude.

Saying ‘thank you’ and expressing gratitude by way of a Pampering Gift Box for someone special is something we live for so if you need any advice or assistance in creating a Bespoke Gift Hamper, or if one of our existing Gift Hampers needs a tweak to suit your needs, we would be delighted to be given an opportunity to make something special just for you.

Call us on 09 414 5348 or email to find out how we can create a bespoke gift for you.